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سرعت خواندن و رایت اطلاعات تا 40 مگابایت بر ثانیه

قابل استفاده با تمامی نسخه های ویندوز

تعمیر و repair با یک کلیک

تعمیر بوت

بازیابی اطلاعات  

تعمیر فریمور هارد  eMMC firmware repair   

مدیریت پارتیشن بندی  

سرویس دهی کلیه عملیات هارد EMMC              

پروگرام  کامل حافظه

دسترسی رایگان و بسیار ساده و دائم به فایل دامپ – جیتگ و نقشه سیم کشی هارد

پشتیبانی و منبعی بیش از 1000 مدل دستگاه


Z3X Easy-Jtag Plus is an innovative all in one service tool for phone and phone boot repair, data recovery, SPI memory programming and many other features. Supports eMMC, ISP, JTAG, SPI, NAND and much more protocols

Z3X Easy-Jtag Plus – Outstanding features

One click device repair

Boot repair

Data recovery

eMMC firmware repair

Partition management

eMMC service operations

SPI memory programming

Z3X Easy-Jtag Plus – Hardware features

Updated Host MCU SAM3X8E (comparing to LPC1768 in old box)

Updated high-speed FPGA SPARTAN6 (comparing to SPARTAN3 in old box)

Updated power management subsystem – full digital PWM with ADC control

Added Micro-USB connector (if additional power required)

Added VCC and VCCQ switch with overcurrent protection

Updated USB device interface: USB 2.0 480 Mbps (high speed)

Integrated ISP engine: Z3X high power pro engine (4 MB/s)

ISP support 1 and 4 bit* connection

Added eMMC 8-bit high-speed interface up to 42 MHz

Integrated NAND* engine: NFC with 4 KB RAM buffer and ECC

Integrated M-PHY* interface

Integrated SPI engine: up to 21 MHz clock for popular SPI memory flash IC

Integrated self-test core that excludes 90% faults in production

Integrated CCID card reader for Z3X Software Use

Z3X Easy-Jtag Plus – Hardware benefits

Box to Host PC speed increased up to 40 MB/sec

JTAG Interface speed increased by 20%

eMMC 1 Bit ISP Speed increased up to 4 MB/sec

eMMC 4 Bit ISP Speed increased up to 12 MB/sec (eMMC 5.0+)

eMMC 4 Bit Speed up to 18 MB/sec

eMMC 8 Bit Speed up to 28 MB/sec (eMMC 5.0+)

Compatible with 99% host PC systems and OS

Compatibility with old Easy JTAG 1st generation ISP adapters (1 bit)

Compatibility with most of the popular eMMC sockets (with supplied adapters)

Plug and Play for Windows OS 8/ 8.1/10

Full support for Windows XP

eMMC Socket – Features

Made from high quality materials

Over 10K cycles of lifetime performance

Support for a wide range of eMMC ICs

High-speed up to 40 MB/sec through 8-bit bus

EMI resistant design, low noise components

Integrated power logic (no need for additional power source)

Surge protection – smart fuse driven (0.5A threshold)

Z3X Easy-Jtag Plus Full Set – Package Content

Easy-JTAG Plus Box Hardware

Z3X preactivated card with EasyJTAG PLUS Activation

Z3X EMMC socket (BGA153/169, BGA162/186, BGA221, BGA529)

USB A-B cable

Adapter set – 5 pcs. (JTAG, ISP 1BIT, ISP 4BIT, U-SOCKET, E-SOCKET)

 year guaranteed free support acces

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